Going and Sending

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!’”

Romans 10:14 – 15

Bringing glad tidings
In the midst of every semester, we lead the students on a village outreach trip. This most recent trip was during the time of Nepal’s government making laws against preaching the gospel and converting to Christianity. We sought the Lord and it was amazing to see God put everything into place with finances and giving us boldness. The village we went to was the home of many graduates, which made it more of a blessing to serve with them. The students would draw large crowds by performing dances, singing songs, and telling personal testimonies that led to an open opportunity to share the gospel. It’s awesome how even under the most political stresses and personal fears the power of God prevails.image1

Graduation Celebration
For Fall 2017, we had our 4th graduating class of 7 students! Graduation is a special time to celebrate and rejoice with the students on what they’ve accomplished within the past two years. Each graduating class mean very much to us, and it is always sentimental every time they leave to go on to what God has called them to do. We’d love to keep all of them with us but our heart is to not just serve at a Bible College, it is to raise up and disciple future church planters, the future goers who are unashamed of the gospel. God is glorified when the church loves each other so much that they encourage one another to go out and fulfill their calling.image2

Feliz Navidad (we want to wish you a Merry Christmas)
We are here now in California and we’ll be going back to Nepal in January 2018 to start the new spring semester at CCBC. In God’s perfect timing, we’ve come to the States and have been able to work out personal responsibilities including our medical insurance. Praise report: many of you know about our 1999 beloved silver bullet finally died a few weeks ago, but God has provided a temporary replacement car during our short stay here. We are thankful for His provision and are trusting God for the need to purchase a car in the summer. We’ve been blessed to reunite with many of you and are excited to celebrate Christmas with our friends and family.  We look forward to seeing you during the rest of our trip here.  Thank you all so much for praying for us!image3

Merry Christmas!
Love, Aaron & Jena Garcia


Living Unashamed

Dashain (Duh-Sye)
The vast majority in our neighborhood are followers of Hinduism, and there is a couple weeklong festival in October that they celebrate. Typically, Hindus get very excited and family gathers together to celebrate all over Nepal. The kids fly kites, the grown-ups play cards, and the meat shop on our street is slaughtering goats on the hour. Many sacrifices are made and the hope of a better next life is worked for by offering goats. It’s a time when Nepali Patriotism and Hindu Zeal is meshed and very celebrated.

Mostly it seems that there is a “cease fire” as far as Christians sharing the gospel. It is almost like many Christians get intimidated and just stay quiet amongst the majority celebrating idolatry.

We were invited to our neighbor’s house one night during Dashain and they really werewelcoming and kind to us. We all were talking and having a great time, when the father of the family started asking questions about our lives, which gave an opportunity to talk about Jesus. We’ve been praying for an opportunity like this since we moved into this apartment. We got to share our stories about how we became Christians which then led to being able to lay out the Gospel and talk together about there only being one way to Heaven. It wasn’t at all awkward and it didn’t spoil the night, in fact we left that night soencouraged that we were given such an opening, we are still friends, and were given leftovers for days.

Help them to SEE

First service in the almost finished church building

We were able to lead a small team of this semester’s class of grads on a trip to the village to build up the students in an environment outside the campus. It is so important to encourage and remind the young and frightened student that God wants to use their lives powerfully for the gospel, and part of that happens by talking to them and taking them to do ministry together hoping that God will give them vision for their future life of going out for the Gospel. We led the first church service in a previous CCBC student’s church plant. The new building was not at all completed, but the church body was ready. The believers stayed for a few hours after the service was finished and were all so excited to share time together. We led a one-night youth meeting and each of the students prepared a brief message. The trip was a success and the Lord pressedinto our hearts again the great importance of these future goers and the impact the gospel will have.IMG_1247.jpg

Traveling West
Every semester, the student’s plan an evangelistic outreach and we all travel to a village to serve. This term, on October 29th – 31st, we’ll be traveling to a Village west of us, where two previous Bible College graduates are now serving. Our last memory of this village was the few believers asking that we would pray that God would send them a Bible teacher! Fast-forward to now, He has been able to train and send not just one but two Bible Teachers to them! There’s a lot of work and prep that goes into a trip like this, but we are very excited to see what God has done in the past year.

Please pray for us this month of October, we will be going out every Friday night for evangelism training to get the students more comfortable with sharing their faith. Also, pray for the students who have been working hard at every detail they are planning for the outreach. Please pray against warfare and that there would be a continued unity amongst our CCBC family.

More on our plate
So the future looks like we will be going to India and Nepal for a part of next semester. There is more on our plate for sure, but we hungry.

Our plans are to go to the States for Christmas and be back in Nepal at the end of January to start the new semester of CCBC Nepal. At the same time, the Bible College in India will begin and we’ll also be traveling to South India in the Spring to help with the official first semester of CCBC India.

In Christ,
Aaron & Jena Garcia


Back to Our Beginnings

Thankful doesn’t fully explain how we feel about returning back to a place that is so dear to our hearts. It was four years ago in Uganda when we realized that the Lord had been calling us to serve Him full-time on the mission field. Serving in Midigo again was definitely a highlight of our year. Aaron spent everyday with pastors and leaders from around Northern Uganda and refugees from South Sudan to teach and study through the Bible while Jena was meeting with and interviewing hundreds of the Promise Children in the program. Throughout these two months, we were also able to visit Camp Bidibidi to do children’s outreach, hut-to-hut evangelism, give out care packages, and showed the Jesus Film where thousands heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

Until the Day that I Die
Amongst many of the children Jena was able to interview, one in particular noticeably had the joy of the Lord and was rather excited to share her life story. She has been born again for about a year and understood that God has a plan for her life. When Jena asked what her favorite verse was, she gladly recited multiple ones by memory.

Meeting and praying with Promise Children

“How can I and my friends in America be praying for you?”
The little girl responds, “To do well in school, and for good health.”
“How about to also continue to grow closer in your relationship with Jesus?”
With a big smile, she says, “Until the day that I die…”

Meeting with each child has always been a very eye-opening and humbling experience. To be able to be used in a child’s life by listening to them, encouraging them, praying with them and as the Lord leads, sharing the gospel with them, are memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Brought to a Foreign Land

Leading children’s songs at Swinga Refugee camp

Due to the war that broke out in South Sudan, hundreds of thousands of Sudanese people fled their homeland to Uganda. Through many visits over the year, Ugandan pastors who had started Bible studies in CampBidibidi and formed relationships with the people soon learned of how many Sudanese pastors there were. When the pastors from Sudan were told about the School of Ministry that would be taking place at Calvary Chapel Midigo, they decided to put aside one month of their lives to study God’s word. Though we have never been to Sudan, God brought them to a foreign land of Northern Uganda to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the midst of their own people at the refugee camp.

Meeting with families and sharing the True Hope

When we would visit their places it was heart breaking to sit with many families and hear the stories of them having to flee their homes. They would have to walk weeks through the Sudan desert often carrying children up to the Ugandan border with little to no food.

It was amazing to see how the investment of teaching the word of God to these men was affecting thousands of refugees whom they were beginning to disciple. These Sudanese pastors showed Aaron what it really means to be a Shepherd of the Lord’s people, to care for and serve those who are in need. Please join us in praying for our brothers who continue to minister and share the gospel with many of the people who are broken hearted and are coming out of horrible situations from the war in South Sudan.

Visiting a New Work

Aaron teaching at the School of Ministry in Soroti

We finished our time in Midigo and traveled to Soroti where our good friend and brother, Dr. Juventine has been serving. Aaron has been teaching everyday at the School of Ministry here that started in January. The school has ten students who have been learning so much about the Word of God. It was really fun for Aaron to teach them how to prepare sermons in Homiletics class. The students voiced how thankful they were for the class and how they have more confidence to share the Word of God. The School of Ministry’s desire is to raise up pastors and leaders to fulfill the vision that every village in Uganda would be reached with the gospel.


As we are closing out our time in Uganda, we will be traveling back to Nepal and will be arriving on the 31st to spend the rest of the Fall 2017 semester there. Aaron will be teaching Bible College classes to the students from all over Nepal, some from India and an American student. Jena will continue as the school registrar, teach computer typing class, and have weekly girls fellowship. We are looking forward to meeting all of the new students and see our old friends!

In Christ,
Aaron & Jena Garcia


All To Him and For Him

“…If anyone ministers, let him do it as the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.”
~ 1 Peter 4:11 ~

That is the cry of our heart and may you join the praise chorus!! That in all things may the glory go to Him!! Peter’s exhortation is to use our God given gifts by His empowering that has stirred us to go on and do more.

It has been pressed upon our hearts more than ever with the sweet privilege it is to represent Christ to the nations. But also how thankful we are for you and your friendship! We are just overwhelmed and beyond thankful for you who labor alongside us, we are also encouraged by what God is doing through many of you. Thank you for letting us be your missionaries and co-laborers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Just recently we were blessed to be able to return to the United States. Our time was


short but was also overflowing with blessings. It was only by the grace of God to have been invited into people’s homes and update partnering churches.At each place we visited, we were met by eager ears that wanted to hear all about the work the Lord is doing in Nepal. We felt so welcomed and honored when a brother or sister would place their arm over our shoulder and say, “these are our missionaries.”

Nepal Team

We had returned to Nepal and immediately began to host the Calvary Chapel WestGrove High School team where we had a two-day visit at the Leprosy Colony to go to every house and share the love of Jesus. The team provided meals, hygiene & cooking packages, gave testimonies, and encouraged those who are already Christians. They were able to visit the Promise Child Home multiple times to put on a VBS program, spend time with the girls and share dinners with them. WestGrove team also hosted a youth conference and reached out to their peers as they encouraged and prayed for them. We loved seeing the members of this team go beyond their comfort zones to share the gospel and utilize their gifts to minister to the hurting and be used wherever they were called.


Uganda for the Summer!

We jokingly say Uganda is where a piece of our heart had been left. Four years ago, as 20 year olds (twenty-nothins), unmarried (yet pursuing marriage), uncertain for the future (yet a heart to serve), we came and served for the summer alongside Pastor Bond and Heather Gaona. It was during that time when the Lord was really speaking to our hearts.


It was here where we felt the Lord calling us to go into full time missions. It was herethat Aaron was given the clear confirmation that Jena was to be his bride. It was here the both of us had made so many dear friends whose faces and smiles had been etched into our mind’s eye.

So by God’s will and to our delight we will be serving in Northern Uganda through August! image1Aaron will be teaching pastors and leaders in the school of ministry. The students are from more than ten different Calvary Chapel churches. This area of Northern Uganda is considered to be strictly a Muslim district and yet an area that is ripe with zealous young church planters. Jena will be working with the Promise Child team meeting with and receiving updates from the hundreds of children in the program. We will also have the opportunity to visit Camp Bidibidi and serve the refugees who have fled from the desperate war torn area of South Sudan.

Plans for the Fall
Following our time here in Uganda, we will be returning to Nepal and serving at the Bible College for the Fall semester which will complete with a graduation at the end of November. Lastly if the Lord wills we will be able to visit the new South India Bible College campus.


In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia


Living To Be Pitied

“For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has been raised.  And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.  Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished.  If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied.”

~ 1 Corinthians 15: 16 – 19 ~

Living To Be Pitied
If the gospel were not true, if Christ never arose from the dead, would people be able to look at your life with pity?  Do unbelievers consider your life to be a waste in seeing your complete devotion to Christ?  This resurrection Sunday, I found myself examining my life.  Asking how much of what I do is actually in response to the Son of God’s defeat of the grave and His generous gift of His life to me.  In no way denying the resurrection but asking, how much do we actually live in light of that glorious truth?  The resurrection is at the core of all of who we are and do in and for Christ.  May it be that out of sheer joy we seek to live according to the power of the resurrection and preach the gospel with an amazement of that truth.

It’s a Great Day for Business
For us that are called to be about our Fathers Business, we joked calling Easter “A can’t miss day for Business.”  You could say it’s unlike any other day because there were so many opportunities to be busy sharing the gospel.  We all gathered as a church in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  For those in fellowship it was a major blessing both to come and worship but also for the fact that we had all invited friends, neighbors and shopkeepers to come hear the gospel presented.  There were loads of new people and it was great to see that one guy in the church invited all of his college classmates.IMG_6579

Student Outreach
Earlier this month we all traveled to the Midwest of Nepal, about a 5 hour caravan from Kathmandu.  The student outreach is a highlight of each school semester for the students to put into practice what they’ve been learning.  They planned for weeks and put together a full gospel program, including songs, dances, skits, costumes, testimonies, and preaching Jesus.  The practices themselves were so intense occupying all the student’s free time.  It was amazing to see God bless them in bringing large crowds and using them powerfully in the performances and in the sharing of the gospel.  These are moments our students will treasure teaching them the importance of stepping out and being used by the Lord to share.


Coming Home
We are careful not to call any place home.  There’s that problem question we always get, “Where is home for you guys?” and our hearts are torn in two between Nepal and the States, yet in a greater sense we relinquish them both before our true home in heaven.  However, we do get so excited when it comes time to come “home” to Southern California when we get to see family, friends and eat Mexican food.

We are leaving Nepal, Thursday, April 20th and will be in the States until June 13th.  Thank you for making efforts to meet with us while we are “home.”  We hope to be able to share with as many of you as possible in what God has done through your love and supportive partnership to bringing the gospel to Nepal.

Much Love,
The Garcia Family

Abounding in the Work

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vein.”

~ 1 Corinthians 15:58 ~

This month we were reminded how all that we do for the Lord is never wasted. In light of the Resurrection of Jesus and our soon departure into eternity, we know everything that has been done is a great investment. Even though we labor physically, there is no estimation of the ripple affects that come from preaching the Gospel. Thinking of the eternal impact, to witness someone come to the knowledge of the Most High God and to be a part of training a generation of Gospel workers reminds us that this is the time to be busy about the Lords work.

Abounding in the Word
School has been going on for a month, and it has been nice to see all of the students

Student-led evening chapel

quickly become a family. Along with their community attitude, and so much fellowship that is taking place, it has been great to see them all adopt the same heart for Gods word. In the Bible College, we place a heavy emphasis on teaching the Bible verse-by-verse and teaching others to study Gods word for themselves. We’ve been setting this standard for so long that others know what we’re about and the students expect this when they come to study at CCBC. We are like a family that gets together to study Gods word and it has been such a privilege for us to disciple and train a great group of men and women.

Abounding in the work
In our last update, we shared about a team from South Jersey who had come as a construction team to help Pastor Milan build a sanctuary and room for him from the ground up. During their trip, the team was able to prepare and begin the foundation on the newly purchased land. This team spent three days working hard on the foundation and while they weren’t working they led VBS for the children in the community. Since then, Milan has been managing national construction workers on building the sanctuary and has been faithful to teach every Saturday church service to the growing group of believers.

Children’s Outreach in the slums

Soon after, we welcomed a team of 31 people from Calvary the Rock in Northern California. With them being our largest team, it was a huge blessing seeing that they each came for a purpose to serve as unto the Lord. Throughout their trip, we took a day to spend at the PC Girls Home where the team planned VBS, crafts and games. At a local bus park, the team members along with some of our students went out and did street evangelism. In one of the many slum communities, we were able to feed hundreds of children at a feeding center where kids could

Spending time with ladies at the leprosy colony

come for hot meals if they didn’t have food at home. Every Tuesday after school, we have our weekly Girl’s Night with the students and the women from the group generously planned multiple crafts and blessed the girls with some new clothing. They hosted a slums evangelism day where they provided many games and shared the Gospel with 250+ kids and some of their parents. On multiple days, half of the team helped a family to demolish their two-story, unlivable home that was too much for the family to do on their own. We also went to visit the leprosy colony to serve a meal to over 200 families, play worship, visit with people, pray with families and share the love of the One who cherishes them.

“You know why we have come…”
PRAISE REPORT: A few months ago we did a student mission’s trip to the home village of IMG_2586one of our students. One of the days, we hiked a few hours to a neighboring Muslim village. As we were passing through, we were stopped, threatened and told to leave by some Muslim village elders. One of our national leaders responded with a big smile and said, “you know why we have come: we have come to preach Jesus.”   Then we continued on our way to meet the small group of Christians that were in that village whom had invited us visit with them. Our students then led a full gospel outreach sharing Christ with many of the villagers. Since then, the student from that area, named Raj Kumar, has graduated from CCBC Nepal, recently got married and has continued to minister in that village by starting a Bible study. Please pray for him and his new bride, that they would be kept safe and that many would come to know Christ through them.

Headed to the States
This year includes us doing more traveling, so our year looks different than the ones before. Throughout the month of June, we will be in Nepal hosting a team from San Diego and from Calvary Chapel WestGrove. Closing out the summer we will be in Uganda, and then back to Nepal for the Fall semester. Starting next year, we are excited to be going to South India to begin the works of a new Calvary Chapel Bible College. While we are back in the States, we hope to make the most of our time re-engaging with all of you who have helped us and supported us. We want to update on all of the progress in the ministry and to give vision for this upcoming season of traveling and serving in Nepal, India and Uganda. We are so thankful for you and for your prayers.

Our dates to in the States will be from April 20th – June 12th. Please message us if you would like to meet during our time there. We would love to spend some time with you!

Much Love from Nepal,
The Garcia Family


Comes Together Like a Puzzle

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”
~ Proverbs 16:9 ~

Of course to us looking out and praying for the future seems all unknown.  Amazingly, we so often are surprised at how perfect God has ordained our days.

God Guides

Right now, we are excited as the Spring 2017 semester has just begun.  We are meeting new students and are joyful as returning students are arriving through the campus gate.  It always amazes us how long and how far they are willing to travel to come and study God’s Word.  Some students come from distances as far as a 3 days journey from the remote Everest region.

img_6098  img_6124-2

               First block class of the semester                           First of many Girls Nights!

You may remember we were seeing whether the Lord would be opening the doors for a Bible College in India, since then we were able to get our Indian Visas during our time in the States.  We don’t know the exact timing of going to India this year, but we are open and ready to go whenever the Lord leads.  This doesn’t mean we would be leaving Nepal, but that we would be doing more traveling, teaching, and dividing our time for a season.

We returned to Nepal at the beginning of January and had finished preparing for a time in India, yet the whole time God again had much greater plans.  An opportunity has opened for us to be traveling back to Uganda for the summer.  We would be working with Sudanese Refugees and discipling pastors and leaders.  We are only able to do all of this by God’s grace and believe we can see the big picture for our next year.  You could say it’s come together like the pieces of a puzzle.

God Provides

Recently, there was a young man who graduated through the Bible College, named Milan.  He showed a true heart for the Lord and it was obvious that God was preparing him for something.  Before he had left, he told Aaron, “it’s time for me go back to my village.”  Milan had felt a personal call to start a church in a remote area near his village, so he left and began that work.  Suddenly, there was a small fellowship of 15 people coming together in a very small room.  It seemed like a moment later, we were being told that a church in California had donated enough money to not only purchase property for church land but also enough for a new church building and a new home for Milan’s family.  Now, there is a team from South Jersey that has been working night and day laying the foundation for the church.  All that to say, His name is Jehovah-Jireh (The Lord who Provides).

img_2737           img_2743-1

     Milan and his new guitar                            Milan teaching Saturday Church Service

It’s really been a huge blessing to be able to go and do all that ministry calls for.  Whether that would be traveling to remote areas and giving the Gospel, or investing in the lives of the Bible College students, or being a witness in our community by loving our local shopkeepers.  We know that you play a big part that allows us to GO.  For that, we are humbled and so very thankful.  May we all continue to work in the fields blooming and ripe for harvest.

img_3737-2In Christ,
Aaron & Jena Garcia

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Season of Sowing

Month of Dashain (Dasai)

Alter for Hindu god

Dashain is a fifteen-day holiday that is widely celebrated in Asia in areas like Nepal and northern India. The whole city becomes shut down because of the thousands that leave the cities to return to their family’s homes in the villages. It’s a time of feasting and families reuniting with excitement and the exchanging of gifts. But at the heart of the whole festival, it is a real demonic darkness. This Festival is full of idol worship, animal sacrifice, and careful observances of rituals in order to satisfy the gods to guarantee a peaceful and prosperous coming year. This is especially an overwhelming realization to those of who follow Jesus of the desperate need that exists for people to hear and believe in the Gospel.

Refreshment in the Lord

Meetings with India & Nepal Team

At the end of September, we had an amazing opportunity to attend a conference in Thailand where many others who are serving in Asia could come together to sit under encouraging and challenging teachings. It was personally enriching being able to worship the Lord and seek Him in regards to the future. During our time at the conference, a letter was read from a missionary who gave her life, even before her life was taken in her martyrdom, to bring to light what it really means to be called a witness for Christ. “Keep sending missionaries out. Keep raising up fine young pastors. In regards to any service, keep it small and simple. Yes, simply, just preach the Gospel…be bold and preach the life-saving, life-changing, forever-eternal gospel. Give glory and honor to our Father.” Her life is inspiring as she reminded us that we are all called, no matter where we are in the world, God has called us to be faithful and obedient. Simply preach the life-changing Gospel.

Season of Sowing

Aaron and Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar, CCBC Student and soon-to-be graduate, with tears in his eyes said, “I want to stand but, pray for me, for the pressures in and outside of the church are real. Pressures to give up and to not be bold and not have integrity.” This is a season of sowing seed, to give out the Word of God in a way that is consistent with true disciple making. Our heart is to give out the full counsel of God and trusting that the Word of God never comes back void. His words are always victorious in accomplishing the perfect will of God. The stress and bondage to the culture is real here in Nepal, and the truth of God’s Word is being altered. We are unceasingly committed to giving out the Word and are watching the fruit abound.

Joy from the Sierra
We recently had the privilege to host a team from Calvary Chapel of the Sierra. After a year of planning, it brought great joy to finally have them here to serve with us. The team schedule was packed every day with ministry outreach and they were all ready to share the gospel with anyone who would hear. Each of the girls at the PC Girls Home truly captured each of the team member’s hearts as they spent time with them hosting a VBS day and took a field trip to the Zoo.

Where do you think you go after you die? We’ve heard, “I don’t like to think about death because it makes me sad.” What great joy do we get to share with those who don’t know where they’ll go, or don’t like to think about death. We took the CC Sierra team out into town to go evangelizing, each group had a translator and they all took off in separate directions to share the good news of salvation! Many lives chose to listen to the gospel and learned about what the Bible says where we will go if we decide to follow Jesus or not.

The team was also able to visit and sponsor a catered meal at a Leprosy Colony nearby our town. This facility has been around for many years, and the government helps sustain the families living there by caring for some of their basic needs. Because leprosy is seen as “unclean,” they are outcasts in society, and for the sake of allowing them to live a somewhat regular lifestyle, the government has them living in a safe compound. We were able to sit and make new friends, hold their hands, pray with them, listen to their stories and enjoy a meal together.

Jena with Grandma Putalī 
Praying over our new friends










Himalayan Foothills

Aaron teaching from 1 Timothy 3

Shortly after the Sierra team left, we packed our bags and set off for a 10-hour drive to Olkhadhunga Village nearby a village where two of our CCBC students are from. We hosted a two-day Youth Conference with their home church where 17 other church groups attended as well. The conference theme was 1 Timothy 4:12, to be an example as youth and the teachers taught through the book of 1 Timothy. It’s always a special place in our hearts when we can visit and see where our students come from, especially meeting their families.

New Work in India
Recently, there has been a piece of land in south India that has been freely offered for use. A team just traveled there to take a look at the condition of the land to see if or when we could start another Bible College. When this exciting news was shared with us, we immediately were on board with possibly spending some time in India but we realized that we don’t have Indian Visas. So because the Indian Embassy here in Nepal wont allow us the appropriate amount of time that we need for an Indian Visa, we’re going to be traveling back to the States after Thanksgiving for one month to sort out an Indian Visa there. We are waiting on the Lord for His plan with the land in India, but we want to be ready and willing to go wherever God would lead us.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!  Please pray that we finish strong.

In Christ,
The Garcia Family

Rejoice in the Season

“Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”

Isaiah 12:3

Last semester was amazing having our first graduating class be sent out from us and now we have a new semester with the most students ever to attend CCBC Nepal. There are 22 students and over half of them are new. It feels like with so many new faces, we are learning so much about them. Many of them are coming from remote villages and are the only Christian in their family. Some of the returning students informed us that during their semester break, they were busy teaching Bible studies, working at orphanage homes, and some faced persecution from their families. Coming back has been rejoicing with students who are rejoicing and weeping with those who have been weeping. We are overwhelmed with God’s grace calling us to serve alongside Him in this work of equipping people to reach Asia.

Taking the Lead
A few of the students were asking about doing outreach at the girl’s home. They took initiative and got together to plan out a time to go out weekly to the Promise Child Girls home. It has been really awesome to see them each week go out and serve others and see their excitement of what God did through their faithfulness. We’ve been joining them on Friday evenings to go to the PC home to play, sing, and love on the girls.

Pedicures and Prayer!

Bridging the Gap
Once a week, all of the girls get together and we have a girl’s night. It’s usually a time to be outside of the class environment and spend time with one another. Jena has been putting crafts for them all to do together and have a time of prayer. This past week, after spending more time together, many of the girls opened up deeper into their personal life, asking for prayer for certain family members and personal struggles. It’s really amazing to be a part of their lives, knowing that we can each be vulnerable with one another and rejoice in what God is doing in every season we go through.

As we are approaching the half waypoint of the semester, we ask that you would continue to pray for us and the work that God is doing here in Nepal.

Prayer Requests

  • Health and safety
  • Unity amongst the students
  • Boldness to preach the Word

In Christ,
Aaron & Jena Garcia

Ready to be Sent

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you

~ 2 Thessalonians 3:1 ~

We have recently had a renewed passion for Jesus and focus on His work. It is a great privilege to be called here, and the Lord has been reminding us of the fruit that comes through serving Him. It is very easy to slip and creep back from how God allows us to see as He sees, whether it is because the focus is on ourselves, or our lack of faith. We would often be found to be those of the 12 disciples to say, “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?” (John 6:9), but God’s plan is for us to see little means that bring much glory to His name!

God uses individuals based upon their own willingness to be used. He is not limited nor is He trying to meet a deadline, or hastily appointing men and women not fit for ministry. We have been unceasingly amazed that our path would play into the discipleship and development of these young lives.

Taking the Lead
The girl students have grown in their gifts and have taken responsibility to the needs of serving in the children’s ministry at CC Kathmandu. Two of them, whom are graduating this May, have a desire to minister to the women in their village and disciple young believers. Rabi, who has been attending CCBC Nepal for a year and a half, feels called to preach in a home fellowship and has been having Bible studies with his friends during the semester breaks.

New Work
In Jesus’ time, the people would say, “What new teaching is this?” (Mark 1:27) but really all that Jesus was doing was teaching what God’s word had already said with the empowering of the Holy Spirit. Places where people and churches have asked this same question are of those who have become so far removed from the authority of God’s word.IMG_0955

A few weeks ago, two students approached us and had said how they wanted to bring verse-by-verse Bible teaching to their home village. One of them told Aaron, “we are only two men, and there is our whole city, how can we reach and disciple all of them?” But before Aaron could respond, that same student answered his own question, “We just have to be faithful to do what we can and let them go reach others.” It’s exciting to think that they would be doing a new work, new in the sense of a fresh work, much like it was in Jesus’ ministry.

Its hard to believe that in just a month we will be having our first graduating class here at CCBC Nepal. We have five students gradating and it is so evident in their lives that they have been with Jesus. We’re excited for what the future holds for them as they go back to their villages and are reminded of how amazing God is in allowing us to be a part of their lives.

Thank you so much! Your support and prayers have enabled us to serve here in Nepal, please continue to pray for safety and that the Holy Spirit will empower these students who are ready to be sent.

In Christ,
Aaron & Jena Garcia


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